bass and double-bass player

With a strong reference to rock and metal, Olivia Scemama’s music stands in between drones of distortion, textures, vibrations, but also groove and repetitive music.

After playing on the thrash / death / black metal scene during the first decade of 2000, OS works today with musicians of the improv and experimental scene, such as the french collectives Coax, 2035, le Fondeur de Son.

OS has played and/or recorded with : Makoto Sato, Philippe Gleizes, Aymeric Avice, Tom Malmendier, Niels Mestre, Yann Joussein, Manuel Adnot, Marie Takahashi, Delphine Joussein, Dan Bitney, Rob Frye, Simon Sieger, JayVe Montgomery, Basile Naudet, Thomas Zielinski, Morgane Carnet, Gilles Delecroix, Anthony Scemama, Jean-Jacques Moréac, Gaël Féret, Benoît Kilian, Yoann Piovoso, Romain Allard, Luca Ventimiglia, Théo Girard, Louis Prado…