Olivia Scemama started playing the electric bass on her own, listening to 90s metal. In early 2000’s she discovered jazz and the double bass at the American School of Modern Music, and later went to study classical music to improve her technique and knowledge on the instrument.

Between 2002 and 2009, Olivia was very active on the metal scene: Aborted at Wacken OpenAir (DE), No Return at Summer breeze (DE), Hole in the Sky (Nor), more recently Argile at Hellfest (Fr)… while playing in pop, jazz, hip-hop, dance or theatre projects, and teaching.

In 2013, she starts collaborating with improvisers from the free and experimental scene, especially the trio of Isao Yu and Makoto Sato. Then she meets musicians from the french collectives 2035 and Coax, and l’Œil Kollecktif in Belgium.

In 2019, she plays and records with TRIBALISM3 (Yann Joussein, Luca Ventimiglia), WAD (Philippe Gleizes, Aymeric Avice, Niels Mestre), MANOLITO (Tom Malmendier, Thomas Zielinski), WONDERBACH (Yann Joussein, Manuel Adnot, Marie Takahashi), MASKED PICKLE (Tom Malmendier, Clara Weil), CRYING OUT LOUD as part of THE BRIDGE project (Dan Bitney, Rob Frye, Simon Sieger, JayVe Montgomery).